Knitters are always learning. Ask one if she's ever "frogged" something (ripped it out), and every truthful knitter will answer in the affirmative. As students of knitting, crochet, and other fiber arts we've found that we do less frogging and complete more projects when we work with teachers, and as a group. We also have had trouble finding classes for kids and teens, who would benefit from the proven brain and emotional benefits of knitting as much as we do. Knitters who work in groups report greater happiness.

Classes and great instructors are few and far between, so we created a roving knit and crochet school called Ewe Can Knit for both the newbie and the experienced fiber artists, looking for support, comaraderie, and the joy of making something by hand, along with those other benefits.
Tuesday evening classes meet at Barnes & Noble in Eastchester at 680 Post Road in the Vernon Hills Shopping Center. Wednesday and Thursday morning classes will meet at Savor @ The Westchester.

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