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Going Public as a Knitter

Earlier this week, a close friend called and exclaimed "How does it feel to be famous?" the instant I picked up the phone. She was referring to the interview with me that's a part of the "Geek" issue of Scarsdale Living. The short answer is: it feels scary as heck!

It's one thing to share my passion for knitting with friends in the fiber world, but quite another to go public with the great importance knitting holds in my life. In fact, once I met Scarsdale Living Editor-In-Chief Lisa Bradlow, I became plagued with self-doubt. "Was I a good enough knitter to be 'the knitter' in a magazine? Would my son be annoyed that I shared the story of his brain surgery? Was it way too premature to share my knitting book project?" Thankfully, Lisa is a total pro who let me read the text in advance and next, I listened to Elizabeth Gilbert's (Eat. Pray. Love.) podcast Magic Lessons. You should, too. Since you haven't heard it yet, I will leave you with two pearls of wisdom that made me feel good about sharing my creative life with the world. "Creativity. We don't have to do it alone. We were never meant to." and "You are a born maker. We need what you can bring to us because you are the only one who can bring it. " (Season 1, Episode 12 with Brene Brown.)


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