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I'll have what she's having

An ode to style icon, knitter extraordinaire, and YouTube's knitting super star, Kristy Glass Knits.

Inspiration comes in many forms. When I learned to knit 10+ years ago, I would stop by my local yarn store to browse the yarns, samples and binders full of patterns. The store has long since shuttered and patterns have proliferated on Without a local knit shop and overwhelmed by the thousands of choices on Ravelry, I turned to podcasts for inspiration and found one total stand out: Kristy Glass Knits. The lifelong fiber artist, actress/model and mother has a YouTube channel with more than 15,000 subscribers. Kristy covers everything a "lifestyle knitter" like me needs, including tours of thriving knit shops, interviews with top designers (Stephen West, Andrea Mowry), yarn companies (Loopy Mango) and teachers (Patty Lyons), and my favorite, her reveal of finished objects!

The Finished Object

Knitters love yarn and thus, we tend to collect it. Lots of it. The more common and judgmental term for ones yarn collection is "stash" -- as in illicit drugs no respectable person would let her non-knitting friends see. Kristy Glass and her regular posting of finished objects gives knitters the thrill of accomplishment without any of the frustration one would face in knitting the challenging projects Glass knocks out.

While our body types could not be more dissimilar, Glass's aesthetic speaks to me. Her finished objects have inspired many pattern purchases, some cast ons, and even some nearly finished objects of my own. Remember, as one her of 15,000+ subscribers, Kristy Glass is now both my surrogate local knit shop and fiber friend, though she has no idea how much I appreciate her channel. Her taste in yarns and patterns is stellar. Her projects are well executed. She is gorgeous. How could I not be inspired?

Kristy took a pattern I would not look twice at and created a sweater I would love to wear. Can we talk about those colors?

I love this capelet and was inspired to buy the last skein of Noro Kureyon at my local shop for a different cowl. I have a Debbie Bliss yarn ready for this, next winter.

This is NOT a finished object post but this interview with a knitting monk is fascinating and Kristy is wearing her Enchanted Mesa Sweater. I have this on my needles right now because I want it every time I see her wearing it!

Enough fan girling from me.

There are 198 days until Rhinebeck! Get inspired and cast on.


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