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Spirit animals for new knitters

Who doesn't love getting a handmade gift? How about a handmade "spirit animal" you make after just a couple of lessons? Yes, you can keep it for yourself.

One of the many amazing authors and designers I came in contact with at Vogue Knitting Live is Nicky Epstein. She is a knitting legend who combines a love of texture and her sense of whimsy in a most unique way. And, Epstein has figured out how to give new, and experienced knitters alike an easy way to craft adorable stuffed animals.

Epstein's book Knit a Square: Create a Cuddly Creature will make you an instant hit with kids of all ages. The book arrived just in time as my best friend's son just asked me to make a shark for him. Well, now I can! I think I may use my scraps to make a menagerie. How great would these be as gifts? Surprising scented sachets for grandma or mom this Mother's Day?

What's your spirit animal? Join me in knitting class and bring your knitted square to life.

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