Summer knitting

Updated: May 17, 2018

Fall and winter are the most inspiring times to be a knitter. Everywhere one looks there are hand knits; people wearing great hats and mittens, store windows and magazines with sweaters. I spot people on trains and buses with knitting projects peeking out of bags. My Instagram feed is filled with still life pictures of knitting near fires with lovely cups of tea.

Knitting in the warmer months requires a bit of inspiration. I use Instagram and Pinterest as my primary places for creative sparks. During spring and summer I prefer working on small garments like tanks or tees that won’t be too warm on my lap while I’m knitting. One of my favorite fibers to knit in warmer months is linen. It comes in all weights, so you can knit a shawl in fingering or a tee in a worsted weight. There is also yarn made of bamboo or milk, which I enjoy knitting in the summer.

I also use summer to knit novelty items. I’ve tackled mitered hearts, small stuffed animals, crocheted rock covers, jewelry and even an eye mask that I filled with lavender. I’ve trained my children to know that when mommy has the eye mask on while laying on the sofa, they should slowly and quietly back out of the room.

Summer is also a great time to knit holiday presents. I knit my father, an avid elk hunter, a taxidermy elk head. Small twigs from my garden became the antlers and I mounted it on a round of wood I found at a local craft store. I knit it out of a deep purple Malibrigo and I absolutely loved that elk head. I have shown it to everyone I know. Unfortunately, my father didn’t really get the point of a miniature, purple knitted elk head. I guess one needs a knitter’s sense of humor to get it. Fortunately my daughter enjoyed knitted headwear of a different sort when I made her cat ears.

What will you work on this summer?

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