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After years of in-person and online adventures as a student at Vogue Knitting Live, I am thrilled to be sharing our lessons learned in a Marketplace Extra lecture entitled "Knitting Camp: How to Teach Kids & Teens to Knit." The lecture is this Friday, September 11, at 11am eastern. To join: - Go to Vogue Knitting Live and click on the September event registration: - Sign up for the first option, Virtual Marketplace for $3.99 - Once you have an account, go into the Event Hub Tab - In the middle of the page, notice the tabbed navigation and click on the third one from the left, Marketplace Extras - You will now notice another set of tabs showing days and dates. Select September 11 and notice the "Knitting Camp" lecture and link to join the lecture Included in this lecture are two awesome perks: 1. A printable guide to teaching kids and teens to knit! 2. Details on how you can purchase your Ewe Can Knit Kit from our friends at the beautiful Observatory Shop in Hastings. When you buy your kit there, you will get a 5% discount AND they will donate another 5% to Green Bronx Machine. So much goodness! Feel free to submit a review following the lecture so I can make the program even better!


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